So, you are thinking of getting an electric car or you have one and you are considering EV home charging? Here we look at all you need to know about EV home charging.

If you have an electric vehicle, it is a good choice to have an EV charging point installed at home as, is it much more effective than charging using a standard socket. 

If your home is built in 2022 or after as standard an EV charging point will already have a charging point including in the home build.

It is possible to plug your electric vehicle into a standard UK plug socket however it isn’t advisable. This Is due to the fact it will be much slower to charge than a dedicated EV charging point and there is the risk over overloading the circuit which could cause power failures and overheating.  

There are several benefits of installing an EV charging point for EV home charging these include.

  • Safety – Your vehicle is being charged at home so there is less risk to your vehicle or property rather than charging at a public EV charging station 
  • Fast and Convenient – EV home charging points are faster to charge and more convenient than using a standard UK plug and you can charge over night whilst you sleep
  • Increase resale value – Installing EV home charging points will increase value of your home 

How much will I be looking to pay for EV home charging point? 

Installation of EV home charging is around £800 to £1500 our experts will be able to provide you with a free no obligation quote. 

We also accept the government grant for those who rent or own flats or if you are a landlord. The government will pay £350 or 75% of the installation fee for EV home charging for you. 

Tethered or untethered?

Tethered chargers have a cable that is permanently attached to the EV charging point. This is often classed as most convenient as you do not have to uncoil each time you wish to use the charger. 

Untethered charging points are a socket on the wall and the cable is separate. Untethered charging can be more flexible as you can choose different cables and connectors to attach. 

Our experts will be able to provide you with advice on the best option for you 

If you have a need for EV home charging or just want to find out more contact us today and we will be more than happy to assis.