If you have an electric car, chances are you will want a EV charging point at home, so you don’t have to rely on charging points in public places and places of work. 

EV charger installation is not as straightforward as it seems, although you can install an EV charging point yourself it is recommended that you always appoint a credited electrician to do this for you to avoid hazards. 

It is possible to charge your vehicle using a domestic 13amp socket however this can pose some safety issues as the circuit can be overloaded. It is also worth remembering charging your vehicle this way will take at least 12 hours sometimes longer. 

Before installing an EV charging point there are things that need to be checked these include;

  • Whether permission is needed for the installation – especially if a rented property. 
  • If it is safe to install given the electrical demands on the property already
  • If there is a suitable place to locate the charging point and the vehicle whilst it is on charge 

Any EV unit installed will be weather and waterproof and can be installed inside or outside depending on where is most convenient. The cables are not overly long so the charge point needs to be close to where the vehicle will be charged. It is worth noting that you can not use an extension lead when charging an EV. It is also not allowed to run cables over public pavements when charging your EV. 

The demands on your electricity when charging at home will rise significantly. This is why we recommend using a professional electrician to install your charging point to ensure that the cabling, supply, and sockets can withstand an EV charging point. 

It is also recommended that the safety cut outs are checked to prevent electrical fires from overloading the equipment. It is also legislation to inform the District Network Operator which will be done for you when you use a professional such as us to install your EV charger. 

If you charging point is any of the following you will also need to obtain planning permission for the installation;

  • If the point is close to a road
  • Over 0.2 cubic metres in volume
  • Higher than 1.6 metres in height
  • On a listed building 

In summary you can install an EV charging point yourself however it is not recommended. If you have a requirement for an EV charging point, contact us today and we will be more than happy to help.