EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) is an electric charging station which allows you to charge

electric vehicles such as hybrid cars and electric bikes. When electric vehicles first came into

production and increased in popularity EV stations were only available at charging stations such as

garages, workplaces, and retail stores. However, it is now possible to have EV charging at home.

What do I need I know about having EV charging at home

Installing an EV charging station at home should only be done by a qualified installation expert such

as CJ electrical. When looking at installing EV charging, we will need to install a dedicated circuit to

your home. We will then ensure that you have the correct EV charger for your needs whether this is

your car or a bike we will be able to advise which EV charger Is right for you. There are also some

safety hazards that we will need to discuss with you and make you aware of.

The first and most important aspect of EV charging at home is the dedicated circuit installation. EV

charging uses a lot of power and if a dedicated circuit is not installed you will over run your homes

power supply which in turn will cause several issues and possible power cuts. CJ electrical have a

dedicated team of experts who are specifically trained and qualified in installation of dedicated

servers for EV charging.

The next step is for us to look at which EV charger will suit your needs. We will discuss with you what

you are planning on using the EV charger for so that we can ensure the EV charger we install has the

correct amperage and voltage for your needs.

Also, when we are looking at installing an EV charger at home, we will need to make sure that the

area of installation is free of flammable materials and is well ventilated. You will be shown how to

use your EV charger safely and correctly by our expert installation team.

If you have a requirement for an EV charger at home and wish to speak to one of our expert

electricians, then contact us today. We can pop round and provide free advice and discuss your

requirements at a time to suit you.