It is now thought that over 80% of people with electric cars will charge the vehicle at home using an EV charging point. 

This means no more petrol station visits or worry about your car losing charge. If you have an EV charging point at home, simply plug your car in for charge when you return home from your day and the car will be fully charged and ready for use for you. Home EV charging is proven to be a cheaper and convenient way to charge your electric car and it is becoming more and more popular for electric car owners to install EV charging points at home due to the convenience. 

To charge an electric car at home you can use a normal domestic socket however this should only be used in emergency situations a dedicated EV charging point should be the obly port of call and this should be installed by experts such as us here at CJ electrical solutions.

A dedicated EV charging point is the safest, most convenient and efficient way to charge your electric car.

You will also need to choose if you would like a tethered or untethered EV charging point at home. Tethered charging points have a cable attached to them and untethered units do not have a cable attached to them. Tethered chargers will come with a cable however there is always the risk that the industry may move away from this method and you will be left with an obsolete charger. You also need to find somewhere to tidy the cable away at the end of charging. 

Untethered charging is much neater but you will need to supply your own cable for this however if you change vehicle, it won’t matter if there is a different plug requirement.

You will need to consider where you would like your charging point to be. Things to consider will include;

  • Do you want the EV charging point at home to be hidden or is it ok to be on view
  • Make sure that the EV port on your car is in a place where the home EV charging point can easily reach it
  • Consider the cable length
  • Ensure that the WIFI signal can be reached for the smart tools linked to your EV charging point

If you are requiring a home EV charging point, contact us at CJ electrical and we will discuss your requirements and offer and assistance you may need.