Luckily for EV lovers everywhere in the UK, the government are still investing in grants for both the purchase of EVs (cars and commercial vehicles) and also for the installation of charging points – for residential, workplace and commercial.

Although the grants for purchasing EVs have reduced over the past 10 years, they are very much still worth checking out to see what you could save. We find this handy guide from ‘buyacar’ gives you all the info you need about these grants and also details an approved list of vehicles to help you make your next, or first, EV purchase:

For grants to help you with the cost of installing charge points – whether for your own personal residence or your workplace for your employees and visitors or for creating a revenue stream from your commercial car parks – the following government site gives you all the info you need.

We at CJ Electrical Solutions can guide you through this and even apply for you – just click below to contact us and get more information.