Many people with an EV question whether or not they should charge their EV to 100. Here we will look at some hints and tips about charging your EV to help you ensure that you get the best from your battery. 

  • You can fully charge the battery to 100% on your EV but you must not let it overcharge as this can be dangerous and damage the battery.
  • It is best to fully charge the battery once it has completely ran out as apposed to topping the battery up here and there as this will keep the battery in much better condition. 
  • We would recommend not to charge the battery every night as this will also cause the battery to become damaged. As mentioned above it is much better to allow the battery to deplete. 
  • Most of the EV manufacturers’ recommendations are to charge the battery to 80% or 90% rather than a full 100% charge when using the vehicle for everyday driving. Manufacturers say that this will prolong the life of the battery. They recommend only charging to 100% for long journeys. 
  • Fast charging your battery is also recommended to be kept to a minimum.
  • It is said that electric vehicles should be kept out of extreme temperatures as excessive heat or excessive cold will drain the battery life. 
  • When your EV is stored and not being used it is recommended that it is between 25% and 75% charge rather than fully charged this helps to prolong the battery.

Hopefully these hints and tips will help all of you EV owners to keep your battery in tip top condition. As we have mentioned it is possible and you can charge your EV to 100% and it is good to do this rather than mini charges. However never overcharge your battery as this will be detrimental to the battery life.