When you choose to purchase an electric vehicle, you will need to decide if it is worth charging at home or if you will use external EV charging points

If you have an EV it is generally a good choice to install an EV charging point at your home as this will mean that charging is quicker, more convenient, and usually the most cost effective way of charging your vehicle. 

If you wish to charge your EV at home you will need the following;

  • An electric charger point installed by a professional 
  • A garage or driveway – you cannot charge an EV parked on the street 
  • The correct cables to charge your vehicle

If you do choose to charge your EV at home you will need to ensure that you always follow the instructions that come with the vehicle. If you do not follow the instructions, you may find yourself having problems including breaking the charge port or the car not charging. 

The main things to consider when charging you EV at home are the following;

  • Make sure your car is parked close to the charging point to avoid over stretching the cables 
  • Connect the EV to the charging point using the correct cables
  • Once the vehicle is charged you will need to disconnect and store the charging cables in the correct way

To install a EV charger you must ensure that you use a professional such as our fully qualified team at CJ Electrical. We will initially come and take a look at the point where the charging point is required, we will ensure it is safe and practical. We will then provide you with a free no obligation quote, prices usually start from around £800. Our chargers are available at different speeds, the faster the charger the higher the cost. We will check your property to ensure the wiring can handle the voltage of a EV charging point. If you require any re wiring, we can also quote for this. 

It maybe worth checking also as some people are eligible for a government grant towards installing an electric charging point which is a great help for many. 

There are many benefits of installing an EV charging point at home if you choose to have an EV not only the convenience but after the initial outlay cost for installation it will be likely to work out cheaper for you In the long run to charge your vehicle this way. 

If you are thinking of installing an EV charging point contact our experts today and we will be more than happy to help.