Stellantis, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers (Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, et al) is taking a proactive step towards resolving the inadequate charging network and mitigating ‘charging concerns’ for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. The company has introduced a dedicated business unit called ‘Charging & Energy’ to cater to the growing needs of greener mobility services. With the launch of the unit, Stellantis aims to simplify the charging process for EV owners and ensure their vehicles stay on the road. One of the key offerings of this initiative is the Free2move Charge platform, which grants access to an extensive network of over 500,000 charging points in Europe through collaborative partnerships.

Launch of Charging & Energy Business Unit:

Recognising the challenges faced by EV drivers and the urgent need for a reliable charging infrastructure, Stellantis has established the ‘Charging & Energy’ business unit. The primary objective of this unit is to facilitate the seamless adoption of electric vehicles and alleviate the anxieties surrounding charging. By focusing on greener mobility services, Stellantis intends to empower EV drivers and encourage their transition to sustainable transportation alternatives.

Free2move Charge Platform:

At the heart of Stellantis’ Charging & Energy business unit lies the Free2move Charge platform. This platform offers a range of customer services, including access to an extensive network of 500,000 charging points across Europe. Stellantis plans to achieve this ambitious goal by forming strategic partnerships with various stakeholders in the industry by the end of the year. By providing widespread access to charging infrastructure, Stellantis aims to address the current insufficiency in the charging network, which often leads to ‘charging concerns’ among EV drivers.

Addressing Charging Network Insufficiency:

One of the primary drivers of ‘charging concerns’ for EV owners is the lack of a robust charging infrastructure across the industry. Stellantis recognises this pressing issue and aims to alleviate it by establishing a widespread network of charging points. By offering access to over 500,000 charging points through Free2move Charge, Stellantis seeks to instill confidence in EV drivers and eliminate the fear of being stranded due to a lack of available charging options.

Evaluation of Tesla Charging Standard:

While other automakers have already embraced Tesla’s charging standard, Stellantis is still evaluating its viability and compatibility. Competitors such as Ford and General Motors have already signed agreements to adopt Tesla’s charging standard in North America. Stellantis remains committed to exploring all available options and ensuring that the chosen charging standard aligns with their long-term goals and objectives. Further details regarding Stellantis’ evaluation process will be disclosed in due course.

Business Opportunities and Services:

Stellantis recognises the vast business opportunities that emerge from operating charging stations. Beyond energy charging alone, the Charging & Energy Business Unit envisions providing additional services such as advertising and media consumption. By leveraging the Free2move Charge ecosystem, Stellantis aims to offer comprehensive support for home charging facility installation and cater to the charging needs of businesses. This multifaceted approach not only supports EV drivers but also opens up new revenue streams for Stellantis in the evolving electric vehicle market.

Future Investments and Partnerships:

Stellantis is prepared to make substantial investments in its Charging & Energy business unit to fuel its growth and expansion. Key partners, including energy companies, retailers, hardware manufacturers, and utilities, will play a crucial role in the development of Stellantis’ charging infrastructure. Throughout 2023, Stellantis plans to reveal more details about its financial targets and partnerships, demonstrating its commitment to driving the transition towards sustainable mobility.


Stellantis’ introduction of the ‘Charging & Energy’ business unit marks a significant milestone in addressing the challenges faced by EV drivers concerning the accessibility of charging infrastructure. Through the innovative Free2move Charge platform, Stellantis aims to provide EV owners with access to an extensive network of charging points across Europe. Moreover, Stellantis recognises the diverse business opportunities beyond energy charging, including advertising and media consumption, which will enhance the overall EV ownership experience. As Stellantis evaluates Tesla’s charging standard and forges strategic partnerships, the company’s vision for a comprehensive and efficient EV charging market continues to take shape.