When you are planning on having an electric charge point installed in your home for your electric vehicle there are a few steps to follow that will make the process run smoothly and ensure that the process cause very little disruption. 

We have put together 5 tips to follow to help you with this.

  • Decide on a charging type – There are different levels of charging to choose from so the first thing to think about is the charging level that you require for your home charging point. You will either chose from level 1 charging or level 2 charging.  Level one charging will take around 24 hours to charge your car. Level 2 charging will take hours and 30 minutes charge can get you around 60-200 miles on average. 
  • Prepare your space – You need to ensure that there is adequate space, and it is free from clutter when you choose to have an EV installed in your home. 
  • Locate your power panel – Your homes power panel distributes the electricity throughout your home. You need to make sure it is rated and measured for maximum flow. The amperes are usually printed on the circuit breaker in your home. When you have found your power panel you need to find out how much power you use monthly. To do this is usually best to ask one of our professionals to check this for you as you don’t want to overload your electric distribution panel. 
  • Use a reputable electrician – Always ensure that you use a reputable electrician. You can discuss any concerns with your electrician about the power consumed within your home and ensure it is ok to add an EV charge point to your circuit breaker. The electrician can then also install your 240 volts plug for you.
  • Installation – Your now ready to purchase your EV charger and have this installed. 

If you are wanting to have an EV charger installed or if you have any questions or queries our friendly experts are on hand to help with all your needs.